Jarrow Formulas

Jarrow Formulas is one of our select brands, known for their testing and quality and good value on many excellent products as well as their presence in supporting our individual rights to choose for our own health.  Some products worthy of review include:

Bone-Up - Calcium formula which uses a elemental, animal sourced calcium (as opposed to rock-based minerals), balanced magnesium, trace minerals and vitamin K.  The most complete formula we have seen.

Jarro Dophilus EPS - An excellent, well-priced shelf-stable (meaning it doesn't have to be refrigerated) probiotic with over 5 billion organisms per capsule!

Q-Absorb CoQ10 100mg. - Kaneka brand CoQ10 in an oil-based soft gel at a good price - around $10 / month for the big bottle.  There are other formulas but the 100 mg. is what all of the research is based on. Great value!

B-Right - An optimized, low odor B vitamin formula using the correct forms of B vitamins at a good price.