Pure Essence


Our "Whole Foods" Based Manufacturer

Pure Essence is one of the most advanced supplement manufacturers in the world - not only in quality but in their advanced science they apply to their whole-foods based ingredients and advanced, robust formulas.  We typically recommend Pure Essence products whenever a customer is having difficulty find something that works.  Whether it is energy, menopause, or finding a good multi-vitamin, Pure Essence is always a good choice.  Here's a list of some of our favorites:

One 'n' Only (regular, men's or women's) - The best One A Day multi we have...whole foods based at a great price!

EnergyPlus - Includes every energy herb (plus the kitchen sink).  A shotgun effect, it will help almost anyone feel more energetic.

ProFemma - The menopause multi.  Again, a kitchen sink approach, it is an excellent multi-vitamin with a host of herbs which reduce or eliminate many of the uncomfortable side effects of the menopausal journey.

Here's What Pure Essence Says About Whole Foods...

Whole food nutrition outperforms isolated nutrients for two reasons. First, whole foods contain nutrients in the exact forms and balance as they exist in nature. This gives cells the raw materials and catalysts they need to function. Second, whole foods are the only way to obtain the phyto-nutrients that protect cells from the damage caused by free radical oxidation, glycation, etc.

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