January 08, 2014

Why A Salad Costs More Than A Big Mac

Farm subsidies actually work against better health and nutrition.

After helping my Dad out at the local feedstore, I became very aware that one of the biggest reasons for poor nutrition in the US is not the lack of nutrition but rather the effects of government intervention of the "free market" of food production through government subsidies.  This morning I ran across an article that provides some facts on what the money for our Farm Bill is spent on.  It explains why a salad costs more than a Big Mac.  Click here to read the article.

On a separate note, McDonalds was caught removing an article from one of their employee blogs which explained the negative health benefits of fast food.  Apparently, the comments were not friendly to their business and the blog entry was removed.

There has been a recent movement to transform the Farm Bill to a Food Bill that would align government action to our health needs rather than focusing on supporting farm profits...lot's of lobbyist push-back on this activity!