February 25, 2015

Government Now Says Dietary Cholesterol OK

I just read several articles that report that dietary cholesterol is no longer a "dangerous food"!  For the past 50 years, cholesterol has been touted as a "grave health hazard".  However, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for America has removed cholesterol as a food to avoid.  In fact, research has not found a correlation between high dietary cholesterol and heart disease.

Other research has shown that not only is dietary cholesterol not a cause of heart disease but essential to good health including it's role in vitamin D production.

It may turn out that the original guidelines on low (good) fat and low cholesterol intake may have been the biggest contribution our current obesity epidemic.  As it turns out, trans fat and fructose (including HFCS) are the most dangerous food to a health body!

Bacon, eggs, and butter are the new health food!

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