Recommended - What It Means to Us

Quality - Effectiveness - Value

We believe that a part of our mission to help you navigate the natural health maze is to help you quickly identify the best products we have in each of our categories.  But what does "best" mean to us.  While it has a quality feel to it, here are the major guidelines that we use when labeling our products "Recommended".

  1. Quality - The product comes from one of our preferred manufacturers which do the appropriate testing before, during, and after formulation.
  2. Effectiveness - We have sold enough of the product and received feedback to know that it actually works and/or is tolerated well.
  3. Value - The product is well priced, and most times, discounted.
 Of course, we offer lots of other products that are equally good and/or meet a specific need that may be a better choice for you.  However, for many decisions, just following the "Recommended" label will help you make a good choice.