perfect CALM Multivitamin 72 Tabs

New Chapter Perfect Calm is the ideal organic whole-food complexed multi-vitamin herbal and nutrient formula for those seeking to address daily stress, enhance calm and overall well-being.* It is the first and only multi-vitamin to feature the long revered anti-stress herb Supercritical Holy Basil, which has been shown in scientific studies to modulate cortisol and ease a worried mind.* Chamomile and Lemon Balm offer additional soothing effects by promoting healthy levels of calming neurotransmitters.* A complete multi-vitamin, Perfect Calm provides a combination of 25 whole-food complexed vitamins and minerals formulated to promote optimal health while targeting the nutrients your body needs most during times of stress, like whole-food complexed Vitamins B and C.* Perfect Calm also contains cultured, organic herbal blends to provide immune and digestive support — two important functions that can be affected by high levels of stress.* 

  • Can Be Taken on an Empty Stomach
  • Addresses Daily Stress*
  • Supports Calm and Overall Well-being*

"Combines a Great Multi and Stress Supplement In One"

Quick Facts:
  • 3 Tablets/Day - 24 Day Supply - (many folks take 1-2 tabs a day and get noticeable results)
  • Great Value When you Consider You Get a Whole-Foods Multi and Stress Supplement in One Bottle
  • 25% Off Every Day!


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