The Whole Truth.™

We believe Nature got it right the first time. That is, nourishment, protection and health that come from a whole food complex— not from the synthetic vitamins, minerals and chemical herbal isolates you’ll find in most supplements. In fact, we hesitate to even categorize New Chapter products as food supplements. Rather, New Chapter is supplemental food, because it is food.

Whole Food, Not Chemical Isolates
Because it’s food and not chemical isolates, you get the full benefit of nature’s wisdom. This means a whole-food complex of vitamins, minerals and herbs that contain all of the plant’s active, natural biochemistries. We deliver the whole truth in every product we sell and we invite you to discover the New Chapter difference: nourishment and protection from nature’s most beneficial nutrients, just as nature intended.

A Breakthrough Philosophy
Our purpose, our passion and our guiding force is to create a “New Chapter” in nourishment and healing with every formulation.

Wisdom of Nature
We harness nature’s intelligence and power in every product we make, delivering all of the inherent benefits of nature.

Dedication to Science
We offer an unprecedented level of scientific validation and work with some of the world’s most accomplished scientific minds.

Organic, Sustainable, Sensible.
In everything we do, and in every choice we make, we are committed to protecting and sustaining the natural world that provides for us and for future generations.

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