About Us

 We'd like you know something about us because our values are very much a part of how we do business.  We always like knowing who we are doing business with and expect that you do too.  So here's some information about us...

It All Started with Margaret

Margaret Durst has been involved with natural health for over 20 years. In her early 30s, she was faced with a medical diagnosis that recommended a lifetime of prescription drugs. In her heart, she knew that there must be an alternative way to healing and health and thus began her journey into natural health.

Her first step on her journey was to heal herself.  Along the way, Margaret trained with many different natural health practitioners and earned a degree in Naturopathy.  Margaret continues her training with some of the best alternative doctors and natural health practitioners in the country.

In 2003, Margaret opened The Green House as a natural health store and the center of her nutritional consulting practice.  It was at this time that Margaret was inspired to establish her mission of helping people navigate the natural health maze.  The "maze" is essentially the lack of information available to people to find natural solutions to their health issues.

As part of Margaret's mission, she began writing weekly articles for the local newspaper.  Somewhere along the way, Lew Rockwell, a conservative national blog, picked her articles up and began publishing them on his blog.  As a way to be able to speak more openly, Margaret began writing her own blog entitled Natural CowGirl (more on this later).  To this day, Lew and the Mason County News continue to carry her blog to the nation and the world.  As of Fall 2014, Margaret has had over 200,000 "hits" on her blog...not bad for a country girl from central Texas.

People have praised Margaret for intuitive ability to help people address their health issues and goals with diet and lifestyle choices and successfully take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. This comes from Margaret’s deeply held beliefs in the body’s innate ability to heal and in the tools nature provides for health and healing.  People travel from all over the state to consult with her and she have a thriving "remote" practice where she works with people over the phone and/or email.

As for the “Natural Cowgirl” nickname, Margaret spends all her spare time riding and loving her horses.  She has also become a pretty good natural equine healer helping one of her horses recover from EPM.  If you have horses or dogs that have health issues, be sure to check out her custom line of animal herbal products called, obviously, Natural Cowgirl.

It may come as a surprise to many of you that before Margaret became a humble natural health healer, she was a vice president in the energy business in Houston...actually one of the first women VPs in the industry.  It's where she gets her tough skin.  Or maybe she already had it from growing up on the divide in west Texas.


Then the Husband Got Involved

In 2006, Margaret's husband, Jeff, came to work at The Green House to help out with the growing business.  He entered this world "kicking and screaming".  But it was our great customers that "enlightened" him as he saw people healing and increasing their quality of life using a natural approach to health and wellness.

Jeff started a natural gardening and heirloom nursery as a addition to the store.  He became a Master Gardener only to fall out of favor with the Texas A&M University Extension Service "experts" to become the first "anti-Master Gardener".  He still speaks at many gardening events and clubs in the area espousing alternative approaches to growing food with sustainability and self-sufficiency cornerstones in his approach.

In his previous life, Jeff was an information technology consultant...a geek for you non-technical folks.  It is from these roots, that our latest endeavor has evolved:  our online store.  It seems the next logical way to reach out and help more people navigate the natural health maze.  We call our new online store VitaminRanch.com.

Follow Jeff’s Natural Gardener blog at:  www.NaturalGardener.blogspot.com

The Green House

Situated in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, the The Green House is a full-service natural health store located in a historic 1860s sandstone home just off the square of the beautiful Mason Square.  It is our professional center and the center of our online store.  When you call us or email us, we are at The Green House...real people in a real store.

For ten years, we have been helping people manage their health naturally by providing high quality, well-researched products, along with relevant information and expertise. It is a niche we are well suited to as it is how we live our own lives.

Our products are hand-chosen for their quality, purity, and efficacy. As with all things, you get what you pay for, and cheap dietary supplements are just that, cheap!

Nutritional Consulting with Margaret Available by Appointment

We are located deep in the Texas Hill Country in beautiful Mason, Texas. We are four blocks south of the square on US 87 South across from the Mason Church of Christ. Click on the link below for a detail map: 
Map to The Green House

If you're ever in the area, please come by and introduce yourself.  We are continually surprised by folks dropping by from all over the state and, sometimes, even the country!


This online store is quite different than any other supplement store your will find online.  We are building it based on our mission to help you navigate the natural health maze and our experience helping our customers in our physical store.  What this means to you is this:
We're at the beginning of a new journey so new products and content will be added weekly.  Check back often and let us know what you think!
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