Alpha Lipoic Sustain 300 MG 120 Tabs

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Alpha Lipoic Sustain® 300 is in a special SUSTAIN™ bilayer Quick Release/Sustained Release format to maximize blood levels and to minimize gastric irritation and blood sugar fluctuations.* Alpha Lipoic Acid is a unique lipid and water soluble antioxidant that is a cofactor in energy production, helping to regulate glucose metabolism.* ALA also promotes the synthesis of glutathione.* Biotin is added for optimum ALA activity.

"Best Value Alpha Lipoic Acid"

The advanced bilayer SUSTAIN™ tablets combine 1/3 Quick Release and 2/3 Sustained Release formats to both immediately raise and to maintain blood levels over a longer period of time.*

  • Optimized Lipoic Acid Formulation
  • The Universal Antioxidant + Biotin
    • Recycles fat & water soluble vitamins
  • Sustain™ Bilayer Release Technology
    • 1/3 quick, 2/3 sustained release
  • ALA from thiotic acid which is 50% R-lipoic acid.


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