Chlorophyll Wachters 16 oz

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Wachter's CHLOROPHYLL Liquid with Marine Biological Extract 

Unique Blood Builder with Natural Sea Minerals. Wachters' liquid chlorophyll is one of our premier products. It is used by athletes as well as people on-the-go to increase energy, stamina and mental clarity. Wachters' chlorophyll increases the oxygen available to body tissues resulting in increased physiological functioning and a sense of well-being. Enhanced by Wachters' Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation, No.41: Chlorophyll becomes a unique product. Wachters' Liquid Chlorophyll should be taken by everyone - either by itself; or to strengthen the results of any of our quality products. It provides 70 Mgs of Chlorophyll per tablespoon. 16oz/ 473ml



Collections: Greens

Category: Trace Minerals

Type: Greens

Vendor: Wachters'

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