Coq-Quinol Q. ) 8 Fl Oz

Premier CoQ-Quinol 8 oz

CoQ-Quinol is the worlds first fully reduced (unoxidized) CoQ-10 kwown as UBIQUINOL. 
Unprecedented level of bioavailability for maximum cell energy boosting dramatically upregulates cellular detoxification and a major breakthrough in achieving optimal blood levels of CoQ-10. Derived from once living sources.


  • Super Energy, Fully Reduced, Living Source CoQ-10
  • Maximum Immune, Heart, Nerve, Brain and Anti-Aging Support
  • The world's one and only source of fully reduced (unoxidized) CoQ-10, known as ubiquinol, immediately available for maximum cell energy boosting
  • For anyone with low energy concerns CoQ-Quinol is very effective in restoring energy levels.
  • Research is showing that the Statin drugs used to lower Cholesterol has a side effect of depleting CoQ-10 in the body therefore CoQ-Quinol should be considered to restore a healthy CoQ-10 level.

Brain/Attention Support: Excellent nutritional support for those with chronic brain concerns, including the elderly; also provides significant help for children with learning or focus/concentration concerns.

Heart Health/Immune Support: Co-Q10 is considered one of the most important nutrients for energy production and the health of the human heart. There is a large body of research that shows CoQ-10 plays a vital role in supporting the immune, cardiovascular and periodontal systems.

Blood Pressure Support: provides exceptional support for healthy heart function and blood pressure, even in serious cases.

Safety and Efficacy: Safe for the whole family - may be used by infants, children, adults, the elderly, including those with chronic health or mental concerns.

Immediate Effects: Many individuals report a noticeable, immediate beneficial effect after taking this product, ranging from a significant energy boost, better sense of well-being, clearer mental outlook, and greater ability to focus and concentrate


CoQ-Quinol Ingredients: Nanized CoQ-10: The world's first and the only Stabilized, Fully Reduced, Living Source, High Energy (Unoxidized) Ubiquinol (55mg per 1/4th tsp. serving) with Grade 10 Indian Turmeric (rhizome) (Curcuma l.)
Nano-Flora Complex: Nanized, live-source enzymes, complex cell wall lysates, and ferments from 12 strains of beneficial bacteria.
Natural Preservative: Certified organic grain neutral spirits 20% as a natural preservative (pesticide and toxin free)
Other Ingredients: None (no toxic fillers, binders, sweeteners, etc.)

Recommended Use: 

Adults or children (age 4 and up): Mix 1/4th tsp. in 1/4th cup water or juice, 1 to 2 times daily. Sip slowly for best effect. 



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Vendor: Premier Research Labs

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