Daily Basics Kit #1 (Alternate)

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Margaret's Daily Basic Kit: Multivitamin with Superfoods, Omega-3 Oil, and Food Enzymes

This kit contains Bluebonnet's Whole Food Based Multivitamin with over 1000mg of greens, enzymes, and energy-enhancing herbs, Nordic Naturals Omega-3 lemon-stabilized fish oil, and Nature's Sunshine Food Enzymes with Betaine HCI (for proteins) and a mix of enzymes for proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

This kit contains:

1) Bluebonnet Super Earth Multinutrient.  A whole food based 3-a-day multivitamin fully loaded with vitamins, minerals, mixed carotenoids such as lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthum, pomegranate, sprouts, enzymes, and herbs for energy. (1 month supply)

2) Nordic Naturals Omega-3.  High quality Omega-3, lemon-stabilized to prevent burping. (30 day supply)

3) Food Enzymes



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