Stomach Comfort 60 Tabs

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Nature's Sunshine Stomach Formula. 60 tab


  • Supports the digestive system.

  • Helps neutralize acid.

  • Soothes the stomach.

  • Supports proper digestion.

How It Works:

This pH-balancing formula provides natural ingredients to help nutritionally support digestion in times of occasional stomach upset. Stomach Comfort contains calcium carbonate, which is alkaline in nature and helps buffer acid. Alginic acid, which is converted to sodium alginate, helps maintain the mucus lining of the esophagus. Slippery elm bark coats and soothes the digestive tract while ginger root, papaya fruit and licorice root work synergistically to aid proper digestion. Licorice root has also long been used to support healthy stomach function. 


Calcium, alginic acid from brown seaweed, papaya fruit, guar gum, slippery elm bark, ginger rhizome, licorice root concentrate and caseinate powder. 

Recommended Use:

Chew 1 or 2 tablets up to three times daily for quick, temporary stomach relief. Chew 1–2 tablets between meals for pH balancing. Remember that digestive problems may be a sign of more serious health concerns.



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