Tropical Oasis Liquid Multi for Adults 16 Oz

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Tropical Oasis Liquid Multi for Adults.  You try to get all the vitamins and minerals you need through a healthy and balanced diet and you know they are important to stay healthy.   Unfortunately, busy schedules bring processed foods, and even our fresh foods have diminished nutritional value.  Because vitamins and minerals are so essential for many processes in the body, most health professionals recommend a good multiple vitamin and mineral supplement to meet your body's daily requirements.  

A good multiple vitamin means one that is made with quality, natural ingredients that your body can absorb.  Not all multivitamins are created equal! Our pure, glass bottled, highly-absorbable vitamin and mineral supplement is formulated to make sure you do get the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain healthy mind and body. 

"Very Popular With Adults...Greater Absorbability"


  • Bottled in glass to ensure purity
  • Great tasting formula
  • 125 nutrients
  • Protein
  • 23 amino acids
  • 70 colloidal minerals
  • 18 herbal extract
  • 4:1 concentrate
  • 100% of Recommended Daily Intake (RDI)


Quick Facts:

  • 30 Day Supply - $29.99/Month
  • Customers Say It Tastes Good
  • Enhanced Absorbability - Good News for Older Folks
  • Includes Herbals for Increased Energy


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Type: Multi-Vitamins

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