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Margaret's CleanseSMART Total Body Cleanse Kit + Oil/Fiber
Margaret's CleanseSMART Total Body Cleanse Kit + Oil/Fiber $52.95 $68.93
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CleanseSMART Total Body Cleanse
CleanseSMART Total Body Cleanse $28.99 $32.99
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Daily Liver Support 60 VCaps
Daily Liver Support 60 VCaps $27.99 $29.99
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CleanseMORE 100 Vcaps
CleanseMORE 100 Vcaps $24.99 $29.99
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Chem Detox Q. 60 Vcaps
Chem Detox Q. 60 Vcaps $21.95
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Terratol Trace Mineral 30 Caps
Terratol Trace Mineral 30 Caps $19.99
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Choosing a Colloidal Silver Product

January 05, 2015

We get a lot of emails asking us about colloidal silver, especially after the "blue man" made the news a few years ago.  I ran across this article which has an excellent discussion on the history, various forms of colloidal silver , and how to choose the best for you.  Email us if you have any questions. The Colloidal Silver Buyer's Guide  

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Yes Our Checkout Gateway was Down....SO SORRY BUT...WE ARE BACK UP NOW!

December 15, 2014

Some of you may have had a bad experience with our checkout not working the past day or so.  Shopify, our online service provider, sent us an email that said that one of our products violated their Terms of Services "Prohibited Businesses" and our gateway service was terminated immediately.  They went on to say that these restrictions came from their "banking partners" so they have no flexibility. So, to summarize, my store was shut down because I had a "key word" (which I can't repeat here for the fear of another shutdown) in the product name and description which incorrectly identified the product as an illegal controlled substance.  There was no research to confirm that the product was indeed illegal...

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Why Antibiotics are Failing

December 11, 2014

The media, even the FDA, has been reporting the decline in the effectiveness of antibiotics but most of these reports have not done a good job at revealing why scientists think this is happening.  Here's a link to a good article on the current understanding of the action of pharmaceutical antibiotics and how they work against good health..  Click Here. To summarize, the positive action of an antibiotic is to destroy the bacterial cell wall thus causing it to die.  There are a couple of "side effects" of this action including the destruction of beneficial bacteria in the body which perform positive functions such as keeping candida and yeast/fungal infections at bay and general support of the body's immune system....

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What Does "MADE IN THE USA" Mean for Supplements?

October 08, 2014

I recently got an email from a customer asking this specific question regarding one of our products, Nutribiotics Defense Plus.  While this email was specific to one company, it goes to the heart of how we choose our brands.  Here's my answer... Good question!  I didn’t know the exact answer so I call the manufacturer.  I know that they have been the leaders in grapefruit seed extract (GSE; the primary ingredient in Defense Plus) for 30 years and we have a huge repeat business for their products, especially Defense Plus.  Margaret recommends Defense Plus regularly during cold and flu season.   Anyway, based on my conversation with the manufacturer, Nutribiotics is located in California and has multiple US-based manufacturing plants...

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